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The Company

Goy Widmer is a family company, financed entirely with Argentine-owned capital. We began trading in 1956, in the City of Avellaneda, Santa Fe. We have devoted ourselves to the production of jams and fruit pastes. Most of the people who consume our products remember the company in Villa Allende, a local town near the hillside of Córdoba, where we settled down and have been ever since. In 1978 we started building the Monte Cristo industrial plant, which began producing on the early 1980. By means of self management and continued growth, we have developed three clearly defined product lines:

Retail & Gourmet

- Jams - Fruit pastes - Fruits in syrup - Glazed fruits


Line of products especially designed for confectionery and bakery:

- Fruits in syrup - Baking jam - Injectable jam - Dried candied fruit - Sauces - Shine jellies - Dulce de Leche

This is why every time a customer savors a product of one of the most important bakery producers in the country, they are savoring an Orieta product.

Bakery products

- Puddings - Panettones

Today, Orieta employs over 150 people who work in separate areas: Production, Trading, Management, Finance and Human Resources. It trades over 150 products in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the United States. We are the main producer and exporter of drained and candied fruit in Argentina and the second main producer and exporter in Latin America. We provide customer services in Buenos Aires, a key location where the most important industrial and distribution centers are located.

Buenos Aires distribution center

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 1460 - CP: 1406 - Capital Federal - Argentina. Tel. / Fax 0054 - 11 - 45840146 / 45840135

Industrial plant

Ruta Nacional 19 Km. 315 - CP 5125 - Montecristo - Córdoba - Argentina. Tel. / Fax 0054 - 351 - 4917009 / 4917184

Foreign Trade offices

Ruta Nacional 19 Km. 315 - CP 5125 - Montecristo - Córdoba - Argentina. Tel. / Fax 0054 - 351 - 4917009 / 4917184 E-mail comercioexterior@orieta.com